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Laser Wheel Alignment:
Our professional laser wheel/frame alignment system allows us to check your wheels are no only in line, but also vertical, (ie detects twist in frame, swing arm or forks).

You may not realise that many bikes have a natural off-set between front and rear wheel, this system allows us to ensure correct alignment without upsetting the standard offset of your bike. This may only be 5 or 10mm, but if your (offset) wheels are aligned using the string line method, you actually could end up with mis-aligned wheels!

For $35 (+ service charge) we will check your wheel alignment, and adjust rear wheel alignment if required. If the bike has had a recent fall, we can loosen the triples/forks in an effort to get everything back in line (extra costs depending on time required). If the damage is severe or has been sometime since the accident, it may not be possible to get the wheel alignment perfect as the components may be permanently bent or twisted, so you may need to take the bike to a specialist with straightening equipment. 

You will also receive a copy of the form with before and after measurements.