WHEEL BALANCING: from pirelli document
​There are two ways to balance a tyre: static and dynamic balancing. Static balancing can be performed without rotating the wheel, and also measures the deviation of masses with respect to the
wheel‘s center plane. PIRELLI recommends dynamic balancing for rims over 2.5 inches in width.


Plastic insert on the demount head. This is actually set a few mm away from the rim while in operation so will not damage your rim. 

Plastic cover on the bead breaker blade.

Plastic coated Jaws protect your wheels when clamped in the machine.

Our tyre changer is also a dedicated machine specifically for motorcycles.

​With plastic protection on all parts of the machine which may contact your wheel, you can be sure there will be no damage to your paintwork!

Dedicated Cemb K22 motorcycle wheel balancer:-

Our top of the range electronic dynamic wheel balancer ensures accurate balance of static (up and down) and dynamic (side to side wobble) vibrations.

The K22 shaft is fixed so that the wheel rotates freely on its own bearings. This simulates exactly the assembly of the wheel on the motorbike and eliminates all the assembly inaccuracies which are inevitable with traditional balancing machines for car wheels, where the bike adapter is put in rotation with the wheel. This makes the machine incredibly accurate to 1g! No wonder Pirelli chose this machine to put their name to!

Top of the range Italian Manufactured motorcycle tyre changing and balancing equipment.

Our equipment is dedicated to motorcycle tyre changing and balancing. You might not have ever seen a motorcycle wheel being balanced on an electronic machine. With many modern bikes wide wheels, it is crucial to have them balanced correctly to ensure good tyre wear, AND stop you getting numb fingers and toes with vibration!

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When a tyre is fitted to a wheel, the completed & inflated assembly will require 'balancing'. This ensures that any imbalances of mass (uneven distribution of weight around the circumference!) is checked and weights applied to even this out. Failure to balance will often result in a vibration through the handlebars and foot rests at speed and can, over a longer period of time, cause premature and irregular wearing of the tyre. 

For freshly painted rims we can also use our plastic tyre removal head to give YOU peace of mind that your rims will not be marked.

Plastic cover for the tyre lever for extra rim protection.