Temporary Repair:-

A temporary (external) repair if performed by yourself with the use of a repair kit, is recommended for a maximum of 400km at a maximum speed of 60 km/h. After this time the tyre should be replaced or repaired with an internal mushroom plug. If the tyre has not been removed and inspected, you will have no idea of any possible internal damage which may lead to tyre failure.

​These plugs can be removed and replaced with a mushroom plug if the tyre meets the requirements for a safe repair.

Unfortunately we are not able to provide an emergency call out service but we can aim to fit you in when possible. 

Mobile Puncture repairs! We come to you.  If you have tyre and rim insurance, we can deal with your insurance company so it won't cost you a cent!

As a general rule, wire spoked wheels have inner tubes, even if the tyre says Tubeless. 

NOTE: it is not recommended to repair front tyres, therefore we will only repair a rear puncture (tubeless). Front tubeless tyres will need replacement.

Tubed tyres will need a new tube.

Permanent Repair :-
A permanent mushroom plug repair is good for the life of the tyre. The tyre must have legal tread and no other damage.

2 sizes of plugs are available, 3mm and 6mm. A small wire or rivet tail sized puncture can usually be repaired with a 3mm ​plug if perpendicular to the tyre. A 3mm plug will not affect the speed rating of the tyre.
Anything larger will require a 6mm plug (99.9% of punctures we see). This lowers the speed rating of the tyre to 120kph, but is suitable for the life of the tyre.

To correctly repair a puncture, the wheel is removed from the bike. The tyre is then removed from the rim. Objects are removed from the tyre and the tyre inspected for physical damage to the carcass. If the hole in the tyre is not too large, we can repair using a mushroom plug fitted from the inside of the tyre. If the object has created a hole too large for repair, or the tyre has been damaged, the tyre will need to be replaced. Speed should not exceed 80kph (50mph) for the first 24 hours after repair, and the repaired tyre should never be used at speeds higher than 120kph (75mph) (6mm plug). Check inflation pressure after the tyre cools for at least three hours following run-in, or sooner if air loss is suspected.

Brisbane Mobile motorcycle puncture repairs and motorcycle tyres.

Not all punctures are repairable and will need to be professionally inspected prior to repair to ensure the tyre repair will comply with Australian Standards.

To complement our service, we aim to bring along a replacement tyre so in the event the tyre is not repairable we can get it changed quickly and at no additional hassle to you.

To book a puncture repair please have available the following information:

Your Suburb
Make and Model of bike
Tyre size, brand and model of deflated tyre.

In the event that the tyre is unable to be repaired, a new tyre may be required. 

A Puncture can only be repaired where the following criteria is met:

The puncture has occurred in the repairable zone.
The puncture has a diameter of less than 6mm.
There is no evidence of internal or sidewall deterioration including splits, cuts or blistering.
There is no other puncture within the immediate area of the tyre.
The entry angle of the object allows for safe and proper seating of the patch.
The tyre is in an otherwise roadworthy condition.

Tyre Sealants and Repair Fluids

Where an emergency sealant or repair fluid has been injected into the tyre the tyre may not be able to be repaired and may require replacement.

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